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Feb 18, 14Demons’ Invade

Event Duration
7 days after the server debut
At 9:00pm each day during this event, 3 BOSSes from the Northern Fields, Lava Fields and Miasma Mine will invade Isabel City from different sides. Brave fighters, lift your arms to defeat the invaders and share the awesome rewards.
1. The BOSSes’ overall strength will be increased by 100%.
2. The BOSSes will drop 100% more stuff when defeated.
3. Whoever causes damage to the BOSS has the permission to loot the stuff dropped.
4. The BOSS that is not attacked within 10 minutes after he appears will disappear.
5. When all of the 3 BOSSes are defeated, everybody will receive a beneficial effect to enjoy double gain of EXP and Belief while dancing with a partner for 1 hour.