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Feb 18, 14Awesome Packs

Event Duration
7 days after the server debut
To help you a bit, we are pleased to offer the following inexpensive packs. Enjoy yourself!
Packs Content Unit Price
Junior Enhancer Pack [Junior Enhancer]*12 100 Amethysts
Lvl 1 Melting Stone Pack [Lvl 1 Melting Stone]*12 100 Amethysts
Green Reset Stone Pack [Green Reset Stone]*12 100 Amethysts
Anima Elixir Pack [Anima Elixir]*12 100 Amethysts
Junior Protoss Upgrader Pack [Junior Protoss Upgrader]*12 48 Amethysts
Star Essence Pack [Star Essence]*12 100 Amethysts
Lvl 1 Puncher Pack [Lvl 1 Puncher]*12 200 Amethysts
Crystal Shoes Pack [Crystal Shoes]*12 100 Amethysts
Kiss Pack [Kiss]*12 100 Amethysts