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Feb 18, 14Gifts for Amethyst Purchasers

Simply purchase enough Amethysts during this event, you will win the gifts of one category listed below accordingly.

Event Duration
7 days after the new server debut

Total Purchases Gifts
500 Amethysts [Dark Iron Ore]*3. [Prayer Shard]*10, [Lvl 6 Enhancer]*2
1000 Amethysts [Purple Reset Stone]*50
2000 Amethysts Zombie Dress
5000 Amethysts [Star Essence]*20, [Angel Tear]*10
10000 Amethysts [Belief Fruit 1]*80, [Senior Protoss Upgrader]*10
30000 Amethysts [Belief Fruit 2]*60, [Battlefield Treasury Key]*50
50000 Amethysts [Belief Fruit 3]20, [Super Pet Grass]*1, [Lvl 3 Melting Stone]*20
80000 Amethysts [Lvl 9 Enhancer]*60
100000 Amethysts [Mystical EXP Pill]*1