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Dec 10, 13Vote for Holy Blade Online to Win Free Crystals´╝ü

Simply select the Best Browser Games of the Year 2013 at www.bbgsite.com and vote for Holy Blade Online to win tons of free crystals.

To win some of the free crystals, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create an account at www.bbgsite.com or directly log in via your Facebook account.
Step 2: Vote for Holy Blade Online at http://contest.bbgsite.com/gameprize/2013/index.php?controller=game&action=index&id=4425
When the event ends, whoever has voted for Holy Blade Online will receive extra crystals according to the final places of Holy Blade Online as shown in the table below. We will deliver the extra crystals via the in-game mail system on January 13th 2014.

Place Best New Game Best 2D Game Favorite Facebook Game Most Popular Favorite RPG
1st Place 2000 Crystals 2000 Crystals 2000 Crystals 1000 Crystals 1000 Crystals
2nd Place 1000 Crystals 1000 Crystals 1000 Crystals 500 Crystals 500 Crystals
3rd Place 500 Crystals 500 Crystals 500 Crystals 300 Crystals 300 Crystals

Tips: You can vote every day before the event comes to an end on January 9th GMT-8 2014.

To play Holy Blade Online on Facebook, visit https://apps.facebook.com/holybladeonline/   
The Wall of Holy Blade Online: https://www.facebook.com/holybladeonline   
Just enjoy yourself and thanks for your support!

PopPace TamerSaga Team