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Nov 15, 13Purgatory Battlefield

To enter the Purgatory Battlefield, turn to the Battlefield Keeper in Isabel City.The Purgatory Battlefield is open from 8:00pm till 8:20pm each day. In the battlefield, you may kill the opponents to win up to 100 points which can be exchanged for special


Nov 15, 13Bosses in the Open

The certain bosses in the open will respawn once every 3 hours and drop particularly good stuff when defeated. Now let us learn more details of some of the dungeons and bosses.Blade Monster SaruBlade Monster Saru will respawn in the Desire Lake once every


Nov 15, 13Dungeons

There are many dungeons with different modes to explore. You may explore the dungeons solo, in the Heroic mode, part by part, or together with other people. You may access more dungeons as your level goes up. There is daily limit to explore dungeons, and