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Nov 15, 13Background Story

Long ago, the gods sealed Uadiss the King of Darkness in the Lava Fields by right of holy light, and specially created 4 deities to watch Uadiss. Since then, the people have been living in peace. However, with the approach of the Redmoon Tide which appears once every 1000 years, the power of holy light has been becoming weaker and weaker, whilst the dark force has been becoming stronger and stronger. One of the 4 deities who are in charge of watching Uadiss has even lost heart, defeated the other 3 deities and joined in the dark force. What’s worse, he has even planned to free Uadiss from the seal.
To prevent the dark force from endangering the world, the other 3 deities have to turn themselves into astrolabes. Whoever gets any of the astrolabes will receive awesome power…
The Redmoon Tide is approaching. Who will save the world…?