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Nov 15, 13Playable Classes

There are 3 playable classes, namely Warrior, Mage and Rogue.
Warriors wield swords, can repel enemies backwards, and mainly act as a tanking class because of their awesome defense.
Mages wield staves to deal a large amount of damage fast. They are able to resist some certain spells and push enemies away.
Rogues wield daggers to strike enemies with high accuracy. They are able to move to an area nearby in an instant.
When reaching certain levels, you will know the class specific spells automatically. To upgrade them, you must have enough Gold and Belief. Whilst, in order to learn the common spells, you must have the certain spell books.
Each class masters a specific beneficial spell.
Mage masters 2 area of effects, and Warrior and Rogue master 1 area of effect each.
There are also common spells for the 3 classes to learn. Below are some details of such spells. 
Passive Spells 
Energy of Life: Increases maximum health by 30 per level. 
Energy of Mana: Increases maximum mana by 15 per level. 
Armor Mastery: Increases defense by 6 per level. 
Weapon Mastery: Increases power by 10 per level. 
Phantom: Increases dodge rating by 2 per level.
Castable Spells 
Taunt: Forces the target and the enemies that are running away to attack you. 
Blood Transfer: Transfers a portion of damage dealt into your HP.
Silence: Prevents enemy from casting any spell within a certain period.
Disarm: Blocks the attacks from enemies.
Fear: Forces the target to get out of their own control and run around in fear.
They are all Nature spells, and there are passive Taunt Resistance, Bloodsucking Resistance, Silence Resistance, Disarm Resistance and Fear Resistance spells dealing with them.
There are also Wind, Water, Earth and Fire spells.
The Wind spells can control the enemies and also deal damage. 
The Water spells can damage enemies within a certain area and reduce enemies’ movement speed. 
The Earth spells can impact defense.
The Fire spells can more possibly strike critically, and even help you survive sometimes while in danger.
There are many spells to choose from. Just choose as you wish when you have chosen a class and reached the certain levels.