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Nov 15, 13Guild

The guild system allows players to enjoy special features in a stable in-game player organization, which can greatly boost player interaction. When reaching a certain level, a main quest will guide you to join a guild and then enjoy the benefits.
What benefits will you enjoy in a guild?
While in a guild, you will be able to access to the exclusive Guild Camp, Guild Store and the other guild structures, take part in the prize-awarding guild events such as Guild War, Holy Tree and Pigs, Fight Bosses, and so on. Below are more details.
Guild Camp
When clicking the “To Guild Camp” button, you will enter your guild’s camp, where you can join various guild events.
Guild Store
The guild store offers various goods. The guild chairman may upgrade the guild store so that it can offer more kinds of goods. To buy anything from the guild store, you must have enough points which can be earned from guild events and quests.

Guild Buildings
The guild buildings can be upgraded, increasing benefits accordingly.
Guild Hall: It is the main building of the guild. The other buildings cannot be higher-level than it. Upgrade Effect: Levels the guild up, increases the guild's capacity and boosts guild welfare.
Holy Tree and Pigs: The event commences at 7:15pm and ends at 7:30pm every day. Upgrade Effect: Increases the likelihood that the pig drops rare stuff, and boosts guild welfare.
Guild Treasury: It is for the guild to store resources. Upgrade Effect: Increases the capacity of the treasury.
Guild Store: It sells various special goods. As it levels up, it will offer more kinds of goods and better goods. Upgrade Effect: Allows the store to sell more kinds of items and better goods.
Holy Ward: Only level 3+ guilds can access this dungeon. When upgraded, the monsters in it will be tougher and drop better stuff when slain.
Donating Resources
To upgrade a building, the guild must have enough resources. Guild members can donate certain stuff to their guild.