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Sep 02, 14Same Cash, More Amethysts

Are you ready for new challenges? Just go ahead! Have you been tired of playing in the unchanging fantastic world of Holy Blade? Are you still ambitious? Are you eager to challenge tougher opponents? Anyway, just enjoy a brand-new world.
We will be bringing the S1,S2,S3,S4,S5 servers down at 10:00pm (GMT-4) Sep 3 to merge the  servers. 
The period will last approximately 4 hours.

New Activitie
To celebrate this milestone, we are pleased to give 20% more Amethysts to whoever purchases Amethysts.
For example,  if you purchase 150 Amethysts  during this event, you will receive 150+30 Amethysts, namely 180 Amethysts in total.


Event Duration:
Sep 4——Sep 22 (GMT-4)
To purchase Gold on Facebook, visit https://apps.facebook.com/holybladeonline/pay
To purchase Gold on our official website, visit http://hb.poppace.com/pay
Have fun and see you in game!